A Time Tested, Patented and Clinically Proven Family Sized Product for Eliminating Head Lice and Their Eggs. Sold Successfully Through-out Europe Since 2006, this Formulation is the First to Fulfill Every Essential Requirement for Total Lice Control.

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  • Clinically Proven to Be 100% Effective in Removing Nits
  • FDA Monitored Medical Device
  • Eronomically Designed Handle For Holding Comfort
  • 100% Comfortably Spaced Stainless Steel Teeth With Rounded Tips For Ease of Use and Safety
  • Easy to Clean and Re-Usable

 Schooltime Lice

& Nit Comb

A Pleasant Scented Finishing Spray to Help Maintain Lice Free Hair Excellent Nit Combing Aid for Quick Comb Outs and School Head Checks Contains Proprietary Blend of Lavender, Rosemary Leaf, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass Known for their Natural Repellence Effects Light Styling Spray Hair De-Tangler Calms the Frizzies Great for Curly Hair
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