Head Checks

Do you wonder if you or your child has head lice? We offer individual and family head checks to help identify possible infestations. We strongly encourage this before you waste time, money and the frustration of needlessly treating someone. Head checks are $20.00 per family member. 

If a family member is found to have head lice and decides to be treated at our facility, $10.00 will be credited towards the treatment of that individual.

Professional, Nontoxic Lice & Nit Removal

During your visit we work closely with your family to help educate your family on the new mutation  and discuss a variety of preventative steps in our attempt to safeguard your environment from rapid reinfestation . Our goal is to help keep your family free of head lice today and in the future. Several factors determine how long the treatment will take, including how thick and long the hair is that we are working with, the severity of the infestation and how cooperative the individual is. As part of our treatment process, we encourage two “lice free” rechecks following the initial treatment process. Rechecks are scheduled within 5 to 7 days depending on your availability and the severity of the initial case. This is not a retreat! This is an important part of the treatment process towards ensuring your family remains lice free. During our certification process, someone mentioned: “It is the gift that keeps on giving!”

School/Camp Screenings

Our trained technicians are available to come to your school/camp for a classroom, school wide or camp registration head check screening. Screenings are available, for a cost of $3.00 per head; with a one hundred dollar minimum. This is a small fee to pay for peace of mind that your environment is lice free!

Community Awareness Presentations & PTA Meetings

Education is the key to better understand how to effectively deal with head lice. One of our major goals is to better educate parents, children, schools and the community. One of the presentations we deliver is “Everything you ever wanted to know about Head Lice, but were afraid to ask”. By working together we can minimize the number of infestations and help reduce the negative stigma and common myths associated with fighting head lice.

Are your PTA parents concerned about making the school environment a better place for their children?   Are they willing to listen and discuss head lice in an effort to be prepared when it affects their family?  12 million cases are reported each year!  How many cases go unreported?  We can provide education for them! 

The Royal Treatment Center is willing to work closely with your school to help promote such events as Head Check Awareness Week, Head Lice Prevention Month, and Summer Camp Safety. All events are geared to help keep our kids in school and LICE FREE!! Looking for ways to get your school more actively involved? Ask about our fundraising programs. Take the challenge and help to ensure a lice free environment in your school. Different programs are available for schools looking to participate in these programs.